Sunday, May 2, 2010

Martini Night

Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to say thank you to all my new followers and readers, And a special thank you to Heather from for featuring my blog.

So last night I had a Girls Night at my house and it was Martini Night! I had about 10 friends over so I decided to customize my martini glasses. Here is some of the finished product.


"READ MORE" to see how I did it.....

I got all of the glasses from the Dollar Tree for $1 each and I bought 10. The glass paint I purchased at Michael's for $4. Total cost: $14 for 10 Glasses.

I simply painted each glass with different patterns. Names would be lots of fun too if you knew everyone was for sure coming. If you plan ahead (and don't do this 1 hour before your guests arrive like me) it looks better when you do 2 coats of paint then, "per the instructions", wait and hour, apply a clear coat(included), wait and hour then apply another clear coat. Then wait 10days before washing. Yeaaaa I did the quick version of that cuz I'm last minute. Haha :)  Because I didn't follow all the instructions some of the paint chipped a little bit when I washed them at the end of the night. Here is some of the glasses that I did.

I think they turned out pretty well. I did all 10 glasses and the clear coats in about an hour. If I planned a little more in advance I would have taken a little more care in my "art". But everyone loved them and it was a great way to tell your drink apart from everyone elses. Some of the ladies took their glasses home too. They make Great party favors or even gifts if you have the great art skillz :-P Over all it was a fairly quick way to "cute-see up" the glasses.

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