Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Low-sew" Skirt for $1

I saw a size XXXXL shirt at the dollar tree and the first thing I thought was "4xl? wow thats 4 times more fabric for $1!" So picked it up and decided it would soon be a skirt. Read on to see how I made this easy "low-sew" skirt.

Pre-warning: I just discovered you can change the fontsize. So I will be playing with that alot

You will need:
Sewing machine: on hand
1 safety pin: on hand
Scissors: on hand
Ribbon or elastic: $1 or on hand
Large T-shirt: on hand or $1+

ONE: Cut across the shirt under the armpits. Put the top half in your "remnant stash" and keep the bottom half.

TWO: Flip the bottom part of the shirt inside-out and fold the top part down and inch or so (depending on the width of your ribbon or elastic) then iron a crease. If you want to get fancy you can fold it down twice so that its a cleaner hem.

THREE: Sew straight across to create a hem. Thats the Hardest part! Aren't you glad thats over?

FOUR: Snip a small cut in the what will be inside of the hem. Then take a safety pin and pin it to the end of your ribbon and feed the ribbon around the waistband and back out the other side. If you are using elastic stitch the elastic closed.

FIVE: Flip it right side out, Put it on, and Tie it up.

Forgive my Photography skills. Trying to take a full length picture of myself is hard :P But I tried to get some pictures to show that you can tie it in the back or front or off to the side. You can ruffle the fabric evenly or more in the back. There are lots of cute ways to wear this skirt. I like it because I can wear it a little higher with all my embellished tank tops that shrunk in the wash. I'm not really about the "midrift" :P This would also be super cute for a little girl or as a dress too if you used some ribbon for straps. Have fun! 


  1. Wow! You are some kind of creative! Glad you found my blog so I could find yours. I'm returning the favor of following you. Have a great day!

  2. New followers! what a great idea!!!


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