Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Pins

I saw this cute little idea originally on dollar store but it was linked up to obsessively stitching's Blog. She has a great little tutorial and a bonus project too! *ooooh*

I bought a little bunch of flowers from the dollar tree and pulled them all apart. I used the petals from 2 flowers (there were 3 in each so I put 6 in mine) to make my one flower so it would be thicker and fluffier. Then I used part of the original centerpiece and buttons that I bought at the dollar tree a long time ago to create my new center. Finally I glued a hairclip to the back so now I can use it as a hair clip or I can also clip it to my tank top.

It cost me $1 for the bunch of flowers and $1 for 6 buttons. I was able to make 3 pins and I still had 5 buttons left over. So it cost me about 45 cents to make each one. Nice :) great for a gift or a little extra thing to clip to a card or gift card

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  1. Gorgeous!! I love the flowers you chose... I'll have to go see if they have some like that at MY Dollar Tree!

    Thanks for sending me the link!


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