Friday, May 28, 2010


I just bought a whole bunch of stuff from everywhere!

Stopped by JoAnnes to get some fabric flowers for headbands and belts and a new Glue gun!! Heres a picture of everything I got:

Im going to make flowers, necklaces, and purses with all of this stuff. I can't wait!

Then I went to the Dollar Tree and got ribbon for the fabric flowers, more fake flowers for hair clips, some headbands and some candle holders that I'm going to turn into outdoor lanterns for my porch. Heres the loot from the DT:

THEN! I stopped by my favorite thrift store "Thrift redefined" (shout out to my friend Anna over at the thrift store!) and loaded up there... Heres what I got:

I got this rubber dishmat that has flowers (left) that will soon be a cute back splash picture for my kitchen, 2 lace doilies to make rings and bracelets, a belt that I'm going to "re-vamp" and a big fat key that I have no idea what it will be or where it will go but I loved it.

Ive already started crafting but I don't have time to do the tutorials for before work so I'm going to come home to midnight blog after work. Check back!!

Here is how some of the hair clips turned out for the flowers I made a few posts ago. 

I wrapped the headband in ribbon and then hot glued
the flower to the headband. Thanks to my new gluegun <3

Here is a picture of the one I attached to the hair band. I don't have enough hair to make a ponytail so I put it on my wrist for display :)

And here is a Picture of the clip that I did. You can also check out my fancy new haircut and color :P I got it done yesterday.

Ive got a bunch more headbands that I made today. I'll post those up with mini tutorials tonight. Thanks for reading everyone. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED <3


  1. I LOVE your hair! And I LOVE that headband! And I LOVE that flowery dishmat! :)

  2. Quick question - how did you attach the flower to the headband? I want to make some with my nieces next week, but I wasn't sure if hot glue would do the trick or if we had to sew them on. Thanks!

  3. Oops, I meant the "hair" band (i.e. hair elastic), not the "head" band. :)


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