Monday, May 31, 2010

Hanging Patio lanterns for $1.50

Ive been searching for something to make these for a while. Today was my day at the Dollar Tree! I found Everything I needed.

Check out a tutorial after the Jump :)

This may be a little bit unnecessarily detailed tutorial on how to tie some string, but it took me a little while to figure out the best, easiest way to tie them on there and keep them on there so I figured I would share :)

You will need:
-jars with some sort of a Lip at the top(old food jars would be great for this.)
-twine or wire

ONE: Start by cutting the twine into aproximatly 3' pieces. You will need 2 per jar.

TWO: Start by tying a knot an inch or two away from the middle
THREE: Wrap the knot around the vase with one string on either side of the vase.
FOUR: Then tie the string tight on the other side.

FIVE: Wrap the two strings on either side a full loop around the neck then back around and tie a secure knot.

SIX: Now take the other side and do a full wrap around the neck and knot that side so that you have a knot and two strings on either side. The more wraps and knots the better. It just secures it better so you don't have glass and fire falling from the sky :P

SEVEN: Use some glue to secure the knots and the twine to the glass.

EIGHT: Now Fill the jars with sand. They sell sand at the dollar store and they have lots of different colors I used a half of a container of sand per jar. Or there is always the good 'ol beach :)

NINE: Now put a few candles in them and hang them up!


  1. My friends recently bought a home so i will add these to their "Congrats" basket.

  2. I've seen these done with wire, but I like them so much better your way with twine!

  3. super cute! i want to feature them on my blog next week!

  4. That's super cute. They'd be pretty for a wedding.

  5. These arer very cute! And love that you found everything at the dollar store. Great idea!

  6. Very good idea I have looking for an idea for using those battery votive candles for my niece's outside wedding reception, this is perfect!!

  7. This is really amazing!!! Cant wait to make these!


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