Monday, May 3, 2010

Dry Erase Marker Holder

Me and my roommate have a dry erase board in the hallway where we write goofy notes back and forth and keep track of the bills and stuff. But we can only put 2 or 3 markers on the little ledge and they always fall off. So I found this magnetic marker holder at the dollar tree. Check out how I transformed the Dollar Tree find into this cute little thing.

You will need:
A magnetic pouch: $1
Craft paper: $1 or on hand
Scissors, Glue: on hand
Ribbon: $1 for a spool or on hand

Total: $1 and up

ONE: I pulled out the little white strip of paper and colored it with a pink marker and put it back in.

TWO: Measure and cut some cute craft paper that is the size of the pouch and glue it to the back.

THREE: If you need to hang the pouch on a hook instead of using the magnetic back the flip the pouch over and tape or glue a piece of ribbon to the back. I taped it because I'm all about the instant gratification :)

FOUR: Hang next to your whiteboard!

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