Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clothespin Picture Weath

So I saw a big pack of clothespins at the dollar tree and my roommate told me "what the heck are you going to make with clothes pins? You're Crazy!"

I heard a challenge :) I thought they would be really cute in a circle as a photo holder. So when I was babysitting I had the little boy paint the clothes pins. Then we glued them in a circle around a blank CD covered in paper. We clipped a piece of ribbon in one of the pins to hang it and you're all done!
(Sorry about the blur effect. I used pictures of the little boys family and I didn't ask if they minded if I put the pics up so I blurred it out just in case. :) )

 For more of a "grown up" look you can used different colors to paint it or use cute scrapbook paper to cover the tops of the pins. This wreath is great to hold recipes, pictures, reminders or little love notes. I'm definitely going to make myself one :)

After I made this I realized it looks a whole lot like this "tea wreath"  that Kojodesigns did. (maybe that's where I subconsciously got the idea from :P) Check out her blog. Its super cute.

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  1. Ooo I like that idea! Have to go and get some clothespins now :)


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