Saturday, May 29, 2010

Headband Leftovers

I made a few headbands with some flowers and there were little leftover pieces from the backs since they came in a bunch. Can't let them go to waste now can we?? So I beautified them and made more headbands!

READ ON and ill show you how I did this....

You will need:
a headband
and left overs!

ONE: cut out a small piece of felt

TWO: For this headband I used the pieces that were on the underside of the flower. Place all of the pieces how you want before you glue, Then use a hot melt glue to glue all of them down to the felt.

THREE: Using left over embellishments or rhinestones add a little something to the middle.   

FOUR: Glue it onto your headband.

This next one I used the leftover center pieces and glued the rhinestone on first, then glued the whole thing directly to the headband. 

Great way to not waste anything. (think green ;) ) plus they actually look pretty cute for leftovers! I like the green one much better than I thought I would.. looks kind of rustic :)


  1. Thank you for the gift giving suggestions! You really thought that one through. Later today I will be revealing the present.

    Keep up the good work on these headbands! I am so inspired to do some more of my own as I have really short hair, and accessorizing is tricky. These bands look fantastic! I hope you get plenty of compliments on them when you wear them about!

  2. I would really love a headband my friend :)


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