Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fairy Princess Dress up: Part TWO!

So I got home from babysitting at 11:30pm and was excited to make a fairy princess skirt. So I did a little midnight crafting. :)

Read on to see how I made the skirt...

I originally wanted you use tulle and ribbon from the dollar tree. But of course I waited too long (standard) and they don't have any spools of tulle anymore at the dollar tree. So I just went with the ribbon and it turned out better than I thought.

You will need:
-ribbon and or tulle

ONE: Measure out enough elastic to go around your Princesses waist. I didn't have enough and since its a gift I couldn't really measure her. So I sewed a few pieces of ribbon to each end of the elastic so it was stretchy but still adjustable.


TWO: Cut ribbon to aproximately 2 feet. Give or take depending on the height of your princess. I used 3 spools for this one. You can use ribbon from your stash and use all different types and colors. Or you can grab a few spools and the Dollar Tree if you want certain colors.

THREE: Step three is to tie with a double knot all of the ribbon onto the elastic so you have equal amount of ribbon on each side. Rotate through the colors or you can create  pattern (ie: 2 pink, 1 purple, 2 pink, 1 purple). Continue until you are all out of ribbon.

FOUR: If you want you can add little embellishments (bonus to cover the ugly stitching :) )

All done! Now your princess will have a wand and a skirt for dress up!


  1. Cute idea! I like how you used elastic and ribbon so it is adjustable but won't be too tight!!!

    thanks so much for linking up at my link party! I hope to see you again next week!!



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