Sunday, May 9, 2010

Garden Labels

For mothers day I decided to make my boyfriend's mom a little gift. I saw these "wands" at the dollar tree and I thought they would make cute little labels for her veggie garden.

READ MORE to see how I did it.

ONE: Get some cute little stakes from the dollar tree

TWO: Paint them all using acrylic paint. You can get colors at the dollar tree. They are a dollar for 8 colors I think. I just used random bottles that I had in my craft stash. Paint them front and back then let them dry.

THREE: Using puff paint write each of the names of the plant on the front of the stake once the background paint is dry. If you want you can add little decorations around the names or pictures of each vegetable.

FOURTH: I bought some "hemp" type rough rope/twine. I highly doubt its hemp but it has that "earthy"/rough look. Anyway the whole roll of it was $1 at the dollar tree. If you have some ribbon on hand that would look cute too. I tied it around the stick and then put a little dot of glue to keep it in place.
That's it. Then you can stick them in your garden or give them as a gift. They would also look really cute painted red, white, and blue as decorations for 4th of July. Have fun!


  1. That's so cute, I wish I had a garden to do that for! Just might have to do that for the 4th... and I love your little vegetables!

  2. Wow! I have done the same thing!!! How's awesome!

    I used acrylic paint for the labeling too so that I could add acrylic sealer to it so it would be water and sunproof! Next time I go by my mom's I'll take some photos!

  3. Aww I didn't even think about the Sun fading. I hope they don't fade too bad.

  4. I will definitely be using this tutorial when it's time to garden!!!

  5. These are adorable! I was thinking of doing something similar to these (the stars) with chalkboard paint.


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