Friday, May 14, 2010

The price you pay for a Major that you love

Sorry I've been so absent. My Crafting has been temporarily replaced with school projects. If you didn't know I am a design student... which means I get to stay up all night doing projects (see right for a super sexy photo of me after the all-nighter). I was at school in the computer lab drafting a commercial office for class until 3am.  There were so many people in there you would never know it was 3 in the morning. Any-who. I got most of it done. Got home and studied for the test I had at 9 am this morning (oh yea.. it was a "roll outa bed and you're lucky if i put a bra on" sorta day) which I ROCKED by the way. *high five myself*.  So now I am going to sleep for a little bit since I only got about 2 or 3 hours last night. Finals are over in ONE WEEK. Then I will be free to craft and thrift and blog all summer long <3 Thanks for baring with me. *hug*

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  1. I remember those design school all nighters- good luck. It will be all over soon!


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