Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fabric Covered Mirror

I bought this mirror at a garage sale for $4. It was pretty nicked up so I tried to paint it... but I hated it. So I covered it with fabric. "Read More" to see how I did it.

I had some leftover fabric from when I covered my pillows. So I decided to use that to cover the mirror.

Mirror: $4
Fabric: On hand
Decorations: On hand

Total: $4 and up

FIRST: I laid the fabric over the mirror then I used a scissors to cut out the middle.

SECOND: I used a brush to paint on some Elmers Glue around the frame.

THIRD: I laid the fabric over the mirror and used my hands to get out any of the wrinkles. I wrapped the fabric around the back and taped it on the back to secure it.

FOURTH: I used some chord that I had on hand and placed it around the inside of the frame to hide the "cut" side of the fabric.

FIFTH: I used some glass "gems" that I had left over from my fish tank to add little decorations around the corners.

And that is all!! Hang it and stand back and look how pretty it is! Sorry I don't have better pictures for the tutorial. It was a project that I did before I started my blog but I still thought I would share. Have fun!


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