Friday, May 7, 2010

T-shirt Tote-bag

My roommate has an old Bob Marley shirt that was her dad's. It has a few holes and it was over sized but she couldn't bare to let it go. So she let me turn it into a tote bag!

This is a great way to hold onto all those shirts with memories attached without wearing a sloppy T-shirt! READ ON to see how I did it.

You will need:
-Sewing machine
-T-shirt: on hand
-Plastic bags: on hand
-Ribbon or embellishments: $1 or on hand

Total cost: FREE and up

ONE: For the inside of the bag I wanted to line it so that the shirt wouldn't stretch or sag when it was filled. I used plastic bags and ironed them together to create the thick plastic liner. Here is the tutorial of how to do that and different ideas for the "plastic fabric".

TWO: Cut a big square out of the shirt that captures the image on the shirt that you want for your bag and is the size that you want for your bag.

THREE: Flip the fabric inside out and line it up with the plastic bags.

FOUR: Sew the 2 sides and the bottom using your sewing machine

FIVE: Fold the opening down to give it a finished hem at the top of the bag. Stitch around the top.

SIX: Using scraps from the shirt sew a long rectangle for the handle. Sew the handle on to each side of the bag. Woops! forgot to take a picture of this. But use your imagination for this one. You can even use ribbon or a canvas handle that you have from another bag that you don't use or like.

SEVEN: I used some magnets to make a closure at the top. I just used hot glue to attach these. You can also use ribbon or velcro.

EIGHT: I used a piece of ribbon on the end of one strap to add some embellishment.

TA-DA!! All done! Fill it up with stuff and carry it around!

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