Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fairy Princess Dress up: Part One!

I saw these cute little wands at the dollar store when I bought some for my "garden stake labels". Tomorrow I'm going to a family friend's little girls birthday party. Im also face painting for all the kids (ps... if you live in the long beach, CA area and you need a face painter I'm your girl :P). Anyway I thought I would bring her a little gift even tho her mom insisted I didn't. So picked up the princess wand at the dollar tree. Here's a (really bad) picture of how it turned out:

read on to see how I did it.....

I'm also going to make a "$5 or less fairy-princess skirt" too so check back for how to do that!

This is a pretty easy thing to make but I'll give you a little tutorial anyway

ONE: Get a little want from the dollar tree

TWO: Paint it whatever color you would like and try to make the coat of paint thin enough so that you can slightly see the black lines underneith if you want to copy the pattern.

THREE: Once that drys use puff paint to trace the lines or make a pattern of your own.

FOUR: I used some rhinestones that I had on hand to embellish. I just used some Elmers glue (u can see it still drying in the picture) If you have some glitter this would be great with glitter on it too.
FIVE: Using some ribbon I had on hand and tied it around the base of the stick with a little dab of glue. And that's all. Sorry about the not so great pictures :(

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