Thursday, June 3, 2010

Decorate your own Dishware: Less than 50 cents each!

I stopped in my favorite thrift store and I never fail to leave with a great find. I found 2 sets of plain, clear, plates. One was 5 smaller plates for $2 and one was 4 medium sized plates for $2.40. That's 48 cents a plate. With paint on hand, I have a 2 sets of plates for less that 50 cents each.

You will need:
-acrylic paint
-spray paint, clear and or color
-clear plates

ONE: Paint whatever pattern you like on the BACK of the plate. I chose a branch and a little birdy.

TWO: Spray paint a color over the design on the back of the plate. If you would like the plate to stay clear, then just spray a clear coat. I chose red to match my kitchen.

THREE: Spray a clear coat over the color for extra protection.

After it drys you are all done!!

Now I haven't washed them yet, But I would suggest hand washing them. Since you only painted on the back, you don't need to worry about eating off of the paint. They are still safe! They make great dishware or you can decorate your kitchen walls and display them with plate hangers. You can even have your Kids paint their own plates!

This is my first set (the small ones) I will let you know what I do with the large plates!

UPDATE: After using these plates for a little while the paint started to peel off the back. These would be be better for hanging on the wall as decoration. Your other option would be to spray the back of them with a glass paint, I just used regular " whatever I had" paint. 

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