Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Candle holder/center piece

My roommate asked me to do "Art with Ali" Day in her classroom. I was so excited and I figured this would be a great project for the kids to do since the 4th of July is coming up.

It was a little wet when I took the picture but it looks even more awesome when its dry.

From the dollar store I used a glass vase and squares cut from paper streamers (there is a ton of streamer left over so you'll have some to decorate too). By watering down some elmers glue it was easy to "paper mache" the squares on. When you do this make sure that the red stripes go OVER the white stripes. It looks cleaner that way. The pattern is pretty simple and its a great project for kids to do or for adults to make as table decor.

You can use these to hold silverware, food or flowers instead of a candle. During the day you can put these balloon weights from the dollar tree to make them look like fireworks. Then at night remove the weight and put a candle in them. Here is a picture of them with a candle in it. It was during the day when I took this but it looks really cool at night.

Have fun! And Happy 4th of JULY!! Be safe everyone!

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