Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whooo wants to see and ugly tank top???

You!! Obviously, thats why you are here! So I'm not perfect, (you're shocked, I can tell) and I make a lot of crafts and think "this is sooo not cute and sooo not going on my blog".  Well I think I'm going to start a section called "Things that turned out Crappy!" Hahah Check this thing out. First I tried to do some rosettes.  Hoooooorrendous! Then, I tried for some ruffles (this was round one), They sucked so then I made them dangly-knotty-strings. Yea, say it, so bad!
 Here's a close-up of the ugly-non-matching rosettes. 

This thing did not get worn for fear of scaring the children. I clipped the flowers off and used it to clean my kitchen. It was more useful in the "rag-basket". *sigh* It's ok, I made a cute ruffle shirt on round two (see below).


  1. d'you know, without the dangly things it didn't look so bad! Nothing you'd wear for the Night of the Proms or anything, but certainly not scary :)

  2. ahhahahah you are funny! I have a ton of stuff that never turns out! You are good to post it! Maybe I should start that section too! Because really, no one is perfect and not every single craft will turn out perfect either!!

  3. love this! im glad im not the only one who makes mistakes!


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