Thursday, June 24, 2010

When I Drink Beer I Like To be Girly About it.

I'm Back! I just got home last night from 5 days at the Colorado River. Amazing time! Since I just got back I thought I would show you guys the project I did last minute before we left.
Cool picture huh? I feel like Corona should give me some sponsor money ;P I was proud of myself for that pic. Anyway, I saw some of these "can-coozies" at the dollar tree, but they all said stupid stuff like "the words you are looking for are 'yes dear' " and "you don't have to be crazy to work here, we'll train you". Uhhhh if it was kind of funny I MAY have kept them, but they were all pretty stupid. Plus, Now I have the opportunity to craft. YAY!

Super simple steps after the jump!

(I didn't take any pictures because I did this at 1am the night before our trip. Nothing like last minute right?)

FIRST: I took an old vinyl table cloth and measured a strip to the size of my coozie and cut it out, leaving a little extra room for overlap.

SECOND: I used spray glue to first spray the back of the fabric and then I wrapped it around the coozie. This step is easier if you put a can in the coozie first. (I didn't do this, but I would suggest using hot glue to "seal" that edge.)

THIRD: Using some emblishments I had on hand, I decorated the coozies with different ribbon and wood letters so we could tell our drinks apart. I used hot glue for the ribbon and the letters.

That's all! They held up pretty well too. The spray glue was wearing off a little by the end of the trip but for a Dollar each plus some on-hand stuff these are so cheap and cute we can just make new ones next year. Granted it was 110 degrees and they got wet a bunch and crushed in our beach bags so they really held up pretty good.

I got some guff from the guys on the trip for drinking beer out of such a "cute" can-coozie but all the girls wanted one :)

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  1. Ahhh! Cute! Another reason I wish I liked beer. :(

  2. I've seen those at the Dollar Tree. I would have never thought to cover them up... And your title of your post... Hilarious! And I agree, Corona should fork up some for this awesome picture. lol.
    You're full of personality, love it!

    Thanks for Socializing with me Monday til Sunday!


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