Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beer-cap Magnets

 I have so many cool beer caps that I have saved and I was just waiting for a good idea to use them for. And then I saw some magnets at the dollar tree and thought the Caps would make perfect magnets!

The first step is to get some magnets and drink some beer! Yay! Then when you have collected some caps that you like get some hot glue and plain circular magnets. I got some at the Dollar Tree but I had to use a hammer to break the plastic off of the outside of the magnet.

Step ONE:
Use hot glue and squeeze a THICK amount into the center of the cap

Step TWO: Place the magnet in the glue. Make sure the glue is thick enough to keep the magnet pushed out of  the cap enough so that the edge of the cap doesn't scratch your fridge.

Step THREE: Let dry. Then Stick it on the fridge! SUPER easy!!!

I Decorated up my fridge with Tons of pictures of my friends and I did them all in black and white so that they look uniform. With the brightly colored cap-magnets it really ads a subtle pop of color! And super "eco-cheap" too! :) $1 for 8 magnets! Awesome.

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  1. I really love this idea. How creative and prefect size for those magnet! I'm going to do this to our fridge soon!

    Check out my blog sometime would love your input!


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