Saturday, April 24, 2010

Accent Wall

I decided to paint a wall in my room... Pretty much I only painted one because I'm lazy and didn't want to move my desk..Here is the Before. Click "read more" to Check out the after!

Before: I like to take pictures when my room is as haphazard as possible to make the "after" look better :P

 I wanted it to be a little more "peach" than "pink" but hey... it still looks good :)


  1. It does look good. Have you considered virtually covering the wall in art? In a bedroom I tend to hand my art eye level for when you are sitting up in bed. My new thing is to take one wall to handle all of my art for the room. This tends to give me a full floor to ceiling wall of art-but I am thinking that the painting the focal wall would be classic and really beautiful. Your room is terrific

  2. Rollerwriter: That's a great idea... but i think I'm going to do that for the wall that I look at when I'm sitting against my headboard. The wall in this picture now has my "design cabinet" that I posted sitting against the wall after that basket. I was sitting in bed last night thinking about how lame that wall is that i always stare at. And i have a ton of art that I've done. That will be my next project. Thanks for the idea!!


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