Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer Time, Summer Time, sum sum, Summer Time!

Weee!! It's Almost summer! And the California weather is wonderful so I decided to switch back to my "Summer Time comforter". I got a new lamp today so I had a mini room makeover.

I had bedside lamp that I loved but it fell over and cracked. The Handy woman in me decided to super glue it back together. It worked beautifully.. That is until I tried to turn it off after an hour or so and realized the superglue had leaked down and Superglued my lamp into the "on" position. So I had to unplug it to turn it off.

I found this lamp at Marshalls for $10. Love. And it fits my room so nicely. 

I pulled out my old comforter that is a little lighter for the summer and put it on my bed with a blanket (for those random nights when California wants to act like Michigan). I kept my Shams on my pillows from a Duvet set that I had on my "winter comforter". They ended up matching nicely with my comforter. By mixing and matching the stuff I already had I ended up with a mini-room-makover. Can't wait to go to sleep tonight.<3

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