Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee Bag Pillows

Remember my awesome sofa I got? Remember how I told you I was going to show you more on my pillows that I made for it? Well here it is!  

I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat.

I showed you some Pillows that I wanted to make for the sofa when I first got it. And I finally got around to doing it after I covered the Chair that I found...intheALI

So here they are!

 One side I used the coffee bag and on the other side I used the same fabric from my chair.

 I think they turned out so great. I love them.

 I think it coordinates well with everything in the room.

By the way........ I saw the fabric that I used in an article in Better Homes and Gardens. Man I'm just such a great fabric-picker-outer. :D


  1. Great pillows! I love the colors! Thanks for sharing them...

  2. gorgeous colours! so nice to see, there is so much white and neutral out there, your living room makes a gorgeous refreshing change!!
    Laura xx


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