Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PREVIEW: Throw Pillows and New Sofa

I got this really great sofa on craigslist for FREE. Yea, thats right, be jealous. ;) 

If you go to my FACEBOOK page you can see a sneak peak of the "before" couch. (Then you can "like" me and then I will be really happy)

But it needs just a little fix up. 
Working on that currently.

But I've already got some ideas for my pillows. 

1. I will be copying  creating a pillow inspired by this pillow from World Market:
I will probably change the colors to match what I've got going on a little better.

2. Then with the coffee bean bags that I got from my boyfriends work (thats right, authentic :P) I will be making pillows similar to these from pottery barn:

I am so excited!! yaaaaaay! <--that's how excited I am, I'm showing my dorky side.

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  1. I love those pillows! They are so cute! Thanks for stopping by my funnel cake post. I know about knott's :) We just moved to KY from Long Beach.
    Ps- I'm featuring tons of recipes from blogs today. Stop over if you can :)


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