Monday, May 30, 2011

The Free Sofa RE-VAMP

About 2 months ago I got a new roommate. My old roomie took her couch with her, so I needed to get a new one. But the timing was Terrible and I could not afford a couch. My budget was about $50. I knew I could get something with potential for that price. I could always cover it or paint it or something. 

After searching craigslist I actually found one for FREEEEE annndddd..... Look at this thing:

Seriously. Too good to be true! This... free. If I had unlimited money to get anything I wanted, this would be the style I would choose. But.... it was a little dirty:

Check out the photos and the "after picture after the jump". 

(and you can also read the great story of how I got it into my apartment)


 The left is the inside of the cushion, the right is the outside of the cushion.

And a cat got to the arms. Yikes.

So I washed and washed and bleached and washed the cushion covers. I sprayed and scrubbed the arms. I took scissors and trimmed all the cat-scratch off. Then I took a sweater shaver and shaved all the fuzzies off. Worked FANTASTIC!  

Look at the "after":

You can't even tell that a cat got to it. Soooooo are you ready for the after?? REaaadddyyy?


Tell me that's not the best score ever! And you get a sneak peak of the new (bp knock off) pillows I made. And on the left side you can see the corner of my new chair. I found it in the alley behind my apartment and recovered it. I love it!

OK are you ready for the best story ever? My fantastic boyfriend and his wonderful friend  offered  were forced to bring my couch upstairs for me. My apartment is on the second story. 

First the boys brought it up the stairs to the front door... but then couldn't make the turn. Ohhh nooo the couch is too big! I REFUSED to give up this couch. Then they took the feet off.. still too big. 

..... I eyed the sliding glass door to the balcony. Kyle sees me eyeing it and gives me the "I don't freaking think so" look. *I batted my eyelashes and flashed a smile*. Then we measured...Then took the screen door off.... and the sliding glass door off....and measured again. Oh yea... It was totally going to fit. 

So Kyle goes downstairs and lifts the sofa up long ways (did I mention I'm on the second story?). Me and his friend Matt went out on the balcony and lifted it over the railing. Then, because I have this little overhang, as it was teetering over the balcony railing, we had to rotate it the other way to slide it through the doorway. 

Whew! We finally got it in!

*Kyle looks at me* "When you move out, the sofa stays"

I LOVE my Sofa :) (and my boyfriend)


  1. My guess is you'll be batting your eyelashes again when you move out - that couch is too nice to leave behind! :)

  2. What a great FREE find! I am so thrilled with how it turned out; I like your living room style. I enjoyed the story of how you got that couch into the apartment! Hysterical.

  3. So totally awesome and you HAVE to take the couch with if you ever move out for sure. Boyfriends are good

  4. it looks great! nice job. I love to freshen something up and keep using it when I know that others would just throw it away!

  5. LOVE it!! Why can't I ever find deals like that?!?! lol I'm following you on GFC now to see what else you can find!

  6. It looks great! Amazing what a little bleach will do!


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