Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Chair "I Found In The ALI"

The other day I went out to my car and a little chair caught my eye sitting in the alley. 

The wheels are spinning... so much potential. A ran over and grabbed the chair and ran back to my apartment (yes, I ran).

Look at it! Great style, and easy to cover:

"Read more" to see the tutorial!

 So excited. But its and ugly vinyl, and you can see the springs sticking out.
 But it has such a great shape.
 This is the fabric I picked out to cover the lil guy.

 First I fixed the whacky springs on the bottom. I just used some wire to secure the spring back down.

 Now the fun part! Tear that thing up!
 Here's the naked little chair. I sacraficed and old pillow for some extra padding on the seat.
 Then line up your fabric and start stapling under. I used a staple gun. I started at the front of the seat and worked around to the back, pulling and stapling the sides as I went. I must have gotten carried away because I forgot to take pictures of this part. Oops! 

The back, I folded the sides around then pulled the top around from the front and stapled it underneath the bottom.

I'm SO excited about how this turned out. I love it. Its very "me" and goes with my living room really well.
Isn't it Great?!
Its really comfortable too. Surprisingly.

If I were to do it again I probably would have given the arms a little sanding and varnish. But since I live in an apartment and they really weren't too bad I decided to leave them. I think it turned out fantastic and I'm really happy with it.


  1. Brilliant! I wish I could walk outside and just find chairs. Most of what my neighbors toss is broken and nasty looking.

  2. our chair is adorable. love the colors and what a change. congrats on your find

  3. This is fabulous and I see YOU so i n it. Awesome, I am impressed

  4. Precious little chair. You have lucked out again and again with some free pieces. I love how your transformation turned out!

  5. Turned out very pretty, Ali! Thanks for linking with Air Your Laundry Friday! ~Jami

  6. LOVE it! The fabric you chose is amazing! I am featuring you on Spunky Junky tomorrow.


  7. How did you do the cording on the back?

  8. Ginna: There was no cording in the back. It was just folded over down the back. I wrapped it around the bottom and stapled it underneath.

  9. Looks great! I love the fabric- I hope I can pull off a great reupholstery job like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Amazing things people throw out.One mans junk is another mans treasure!I am sitting in a recliner that was thrown out because it was dirty,carpet cleaner and a scrub brush and works perfect!
    Lenora Ziobro

  11. Great Idea! Its nice to know that I am not the only one that sits around thinking of what I can use everything little thing to make something useful out of it. Sometimes my brain goes off to Creative Land and it's hard to get it back. I even wake up during the night trying to figure out what I can make.


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