Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Perfect Baby Boy Gift

There is SO much cute stuff out there for little baby girls.
But what about the little boys? 

Its getting better. But lets be honest, there's way more for girls.
So when my friend Shanena found out she was having a boy, I knew I needed to make a baby gift that would be amazing. 

Her husband is in the Air Force and the baby's room is airplane themed. So I decided to do some "airplane themed" onesies. I think they turned out so great. Super simple. And It only cost me some time and the price of a pack on onesies.

Read more to see the details......

They are super cute and really personal which I love. When I give gifts I love to make it something that is "perfectly them" or something they can't get anywhere else. I think I accomplished that :)

One was an airplane:

And check out the detail on the back:

I think they are so cute!! 

The second one was clouds:

I cut the shapes out of scrap fabric that I had on hand. Then I used contrasting thread for some pop and fun stitches to stitch it to felt. This made it stiffer so it was easier to sew onto the onesie. It also gave it more detail and interest. 

Shanena and Chris loved them. Mission accomplished. :) I can't wait to see little Gabe in his onesies!


  1. you are killing me with your cuteness!

    I love the ribbon propeller!

  3. these are sooooo cute! love the airplanes - what a great gift idea!!

  4. this is so cute:),my mum gave me the courage,n told me that i am good enough to make it out of scraps,thank u soooo much.
    love u!! ;)

  5. These are soooo cute, I love them.

  6. Excellent idea layering with the felt and such a cute gift! :)

  7. yes there isnt enough things out there for boys. i have two boys and trying to find cute things for them was very hard and is still hard. my mom had made a few things for them, but these are really cute and a good idea to make.

  8. Love this! I cant wait to gift this.

  9. I will have a new grandson coming in a month and another in 2 months, so I am going to do these for them both. So cute.


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