Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines day Wreath- IN 5 MINUTES!

Origninally I wanted to make a wreath like on of these that I found on Simply Designing. I went to 3 Dollar trees and Jo-Annes to find a wreath base that was solid like that.. like a Styrofoam type... (what am I trying to say here??)

 Anyway, At Jo-Annes they had these styrofoam wreaths but they were too small. I wanted a bigger one. Then I saw this "grape vine" wreath. I loved how rustic it looked and I thought it would be a nice contrast with the sparkly heart picks I had already bought and the yard I already had. Plus, it was only $3. Way better than the smaller $8 styrofoam wreath.
 The heart picks I bought from the dollar tree (2 packs but I didn't use them all) The yarn was on hand and the wreath from Jo-annes. Total $5 (cheaper if I had a 40% off coupon)
 I started by just placing the picks into the vines. Pretty simple.
 I trimmed off any ends of the picks that stuck out. Then took yarn a few feet at a time and tied and wrapped it around the wreath.
 TA-DA! I love it! I think its simple and cute.
 It doesn't have any glue in it so when valentines day is over I can change it out for the different seasons. Its super cute and it seriously only took me 5 minutes and $5. Totally worth it


  1. I love understatement. Often, less is more!

  2. So simple, but it really looks great! I love it! I just made a valentine wreath with a grapevine form, too : )

  3. This wreath is so simple and beautiful! Today while my daughter and I were out shopping, we found supplies to make one pretty similar. :)
    Here's mine.

  4. What a simple Valentine's day welcome at the door. Love the wreath!

  5. I love natural looking twiggy wreaths soo much, I use them almost exclusively at my house. The chunky yarn and hearts add a great subtle vday feel. I featured you today on my wreath round up :)


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