Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dont throw away those burned down candles!

You can make them into NEW ones! 

Me and my friend Courtney are obsessed with the "Reflections" brand Sugar cookie candles from Kohl's. Since they are soy candles the wax burns slowly so they last much longer.... but the wick doesn't last as long as the wax.

Read on and I'll show you how to re-vamp these candles and give them another life.

So my candle looks like this:

 But really the wax is burned in the center ALLLL the way down to the bottom.
 I feel like it is such a waste to just throw it away (even tho they are always on sale for $4.99) So I bought some new wicks for about $3.
 Since there is a metal disk at the bottom of the wick, I ruled out the microwave as a melting tool. I had two candles so I did them at the same time.
 I put them both in a pot of water and let them boil until the wax melted all the way down.
 The wicks I bought were much longer than the candle so I actually cut it in half. The one with the metal disk at the bottom stood up by itself.
 The top half of the wick didn't have a disk on it so I took a cupcake liner and poked a hole in it to keep the wick standing up while the wax cooled.
 Like this:
 Let them sit until they cool and harden again.
 Then I peeled off the stickers.
 Then you are all done. Light them up and enjoy. You have another whole half of a candle to enjoy. (oxy moron, whole/half?)

It would be super cute to etch the candle or put a cute vinyl decal on it. Too bad I don't have a silhouette :(


  1. Very nice! I bet it smelled good when you melted it in the water too!
    You are one smart lady with the cupcake liner idea! when I made candles I tried balancing the wicks with pencils & knives HA!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous idea. LOVE IT. Gonna try it for sure.

  3. This is a great idea. I have a closet full of half burnt candles just like yours. I hated to throw them away1 Thanks for the tip.

  4. This is a fab idea. I have some candles I looove and this would definately help pinch the pennies in my candle budget. And I totally am dreaming about a silhoutte too!!

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