Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Onsie for a BOY!! (shocking, I know)

There are so many cute things for little girls and I feel like the boys get a little left behind. One of my friends, my cousin and my roommates sister(who's having twins) are all having boys! I wanted to make cute little girl things!!!

But I thought that this idea was super cute and not only that but it was also quick and easy. I used a onsie from the Dollar tree as a practice. The fabric was pretty thin so it made it hard to sew on. But I'm sure that yours will look much better ;) (and my next one).

 First get a onsie and some scrap fabric (my total cost: $1). If you have a onsie or shirt that has a stain down the front this would be a perfect project for that.
 Then fold your fabric in half and cut out half a tie shape. The fold makes sure that the tie is symmetrical. Then cut out a "trapezoid" shape for the knot at the top of the tie. Pin everything down.
 Use a zig-zag or blanket stitch to sew the tie in place. You can also use stitch witchery for this.
 I didn't use the right stitch for this, I should have practiced with my stitches first. I'm still learning the new machine.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Perfect for when your baby wants to be classy, yet casual ;)


  1. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment! Don't put yourself down. Your onesie is adorable. I love the fabric you used, stripes and polka dots are my absolute fav! I'm your newest follower, off to read more of your blog...

  2. One of my favorite boy gifts ever!

  3. LOVE the stripes! I am having my first boy (after two girls) this spring, and I will for sure be making some of these for him!

  4. love the stich you used actually, it gives it a cute goofy look. love it.


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