Friday, December 31, 2010

Clutch and Glasses case (Made with my Fancy new sewing machine!)

The best Christmas present I have ever received was my first sewing machine that I got when I was 12.

I've now had it for 10 years and its been great. But it finally died about a month ago :( So I asked Santa for one for Christmas. Its soooo Fancy!!

 I love it! It sews by itself, automatically cuts thread, embroiders, and a million other things I haven't figured out. 

Winding the bobbin didn't go so well the first time tho :/ Ahhh!

But check out my fancy embroidery! (ignore the bunching, I haven't quite figured all that out :P)

My first project was a sunglasses case. I got the tutorial from "My Blonde Ambitions"

 Then I also made a wallet (which came out a little big so it could also be a clutch)

 I even put little pockets so I can put all of my cards and ID in there.

I love my sewing machine! I can't wait to find more things to make. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Awesome! I need to do an upgrade on my sewing machine, this one looks like a winner.

  2. yay! can't wait to see all the projects that come from the new machine.

  3. Great projects!! In the event that you haven't figured out the bunching yet, if you use a stabilizer on the back of your fabric when embroidering it won't bunch. There are tons of different stabilizers for different types of fabrics and projects. If you are embroidering something that is rather fuzzy on top (like a towel) I'd also put a stabilizer on top. Solvy makes a great dissolvable one so after you wash it it's gone.

    Enjoy your machine!

  4. I got a new sewing machine for my birthday in November, I was like a kid in a candy store! lol.
    The wallet & glasses case are cute!
    New follower :)

  5. I got my first sewing machine this Christmas! I made a clutch last night. I think I did a pretty good job on it though it is a little flimsy so on my next one I may need to use a stiffer interfacing material.
    Love the one you made. :)

  6. hi! I've been enjoying reading back entries of your blog! I have a brother sewing machine too and already am seeing the need for an upgrade soon (I've had my machine for a year now). Which model number is this one? I love that it embroiders words! :)


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