Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas for $1

Ok, well maybe not just $1 but I decorated my whole apartment with dollar tree things. The Entertainment center is my favorite part. I wish I could have taken better pictures before my camera battery died!

 For spacial reasons (the only option that we had) we have our TV in front of our fireplace. So here is a shot of our "mantel". I used 4 bushels of flowers, a faux pine garland, and part of a red and white striped garland, all purchased from the dollar tree. I clipped the flowers from the base stem and used the remaining stem to wrap the flowers around the pine and striped garlands.

I also have some cute wire rain deer and angel on top of the TV but they didn't come out in the picture.
 I used fabric that I had on hand and extra ornaments to decorate our stockings.
 I had three candle sticks(purchased from Kohls for $3 each) that I attached glass vases to the top (from the DT) and filled them with ornaments, hemp chord, and bells (again, all from the DT). I think it turned out quite lovely.

PS Heres a picture of those sugar scrubs that I made.

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  1. The Dollar Tree is the perfect resource for holiday decorations! I've decorated for entire birthday parties for, like, 15 bucks, thanks to that store.


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