Thursday, December 9, 2010

"S" is for Salamander

My best friend threw a party for her fiance and themed it "S is for Sal". (since his name is Sal :P) And of course I had to be a SALamander. I couldn't resist. And of course I had to make it myself.

Check me out:
Stunningly sexy if I don't say so myself. Now lets just say you want to be a salamander too! Let me show you how I did this.

I started out with a XXL sweater that was $2 at the thrift store and took in the sides so that it fit me like a sweater dress.

Then I purchased a half a yard of black felt and a 1/4 yard of yellow felt. I think the total for that was about $4. I also purchased a black visor and black gloves that were $1 each.

Then I put yellow dots all over it, made eyes out of white trash bags, and dots on my toes and fingers. I also used the black felt to make a tail (check it out in the mirror in my first picture). I hot glued the whole thing together. And for a grand total of $8 I had myself an salamander costume.

I would say it turned out pretty darn funny. Everyone loved it.


  1. Hi Ali,
    I made you a topic on our salamanderforum...

    greets alex (also known as Ali)

  2. That's too funny! I love the fingers and toes!

  3. Egads! I love it! I used to own pet Salamanders as a kid, so it's safe to say that your costume is spot on! Nice work!

    Raised By Wolves


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