Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dining Chair Re-vamp

Remember when I bought this dining set? Well I finally found some fabric I like. It coordinated well with my living room and since the living room and dining room are pretty much the same thing, it worked out well.

Isn't it beautiful?? I'm excited that they came out so great. Ive never recovered anything before but it was SO easy! ANNNDDD I'm in love with the staple gun! I borrowed if from my dad and I will for sure be investing in one of these. Read on and I'll show you how I did it.

First unscrew all of the cushions. Mine were only held in by 4 screws that came out easily.

When they have all been unscrewed, set the chairs aside and cut out fabric for covering.
Wrap each cushion stapling as you go. I put a staple at each end to hold it in place, then stapled the middle. Once I had done the top and the right side, I made sure to pull the fabric tight before stapling the bottom and the left side.

Once you are done, flip it over and it should look like this! Repeat 4-8 times depending on how many chairs you have :)
The last step is to have your roommate help you screw them all back in.

  I love how this turned out. There is even a little left over fabric that I am going to use to embellish the shower curtain. Keep an eye out for that! I Would show you a picture of the whole dining set up... but I'll be honest....... its covered in craft-crap. Or maybe I should show you guys....You would probably all understand :)

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  1. Great fabric choice! Looks like a whole new dining set from the one you started with. I recently did the same thing with our kitchen chairs and was amazed at the difference. You can see mine here:


  2. I would totally understand! You should see my craftroom! Yikes!!

    Love how the chairs turned out. Love the fabric! I was thinking of a green pattern as well since my kitchen is green. I will keep you posted, how they turn out!

  3. these did turn out so cute! I love the fabric you chose - adorable!!


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