Monday, August 9, 2010

Cusioned Fabric Headboard

I've always wanted a cushioned (padded?) fabric headboard. While out "Thrifting" I found the perfect headboard and footboard for $20. Since I've been "staple-gun-happy" since I covered my chairs I figured this would be the perfect time for this project.  Read on to see a tutorial.

I Wanted some plain fabric for the headboard since I switch out my comforter so much. I chose a tan, rough cotton fabric that was $3 a yard. Can't beat that. (sorry about the rotation of the pictures. For some reason they won't stay rotated after I upload them.)

You will need a Staple gun, fabric, batting and foam depending on how plush you would like the headboard.

Laying the headboard front side up, place your foam and batting in place and glue or staple to keep it in place as necessary. I first laid the fabric face down and ran a line of staples across the bottom. 

Again, sorry about the rotation. Then I flipped the fabric over right side up and I had a nice clean edge at the bottom. Flip over your whole headboard so the fabric is on the ground and the back faces up.
Pull the fabric tight as you staple around the remaining 3 edges. I did the top first, then the sides.

I took the remainder of the the fabric and rolled it, then hot glued it around the edges so the staples wouldn't scratch my walls if the bed moved.

Flip it over and admire!

I think it looks great. I would also be cute if I stamped a pattern on it to match my pillow cases. But I think I will just leave it plain for now. :) I also have a footboard, but I don't want to put it on my bed. 

Hmmmmm what should I do with it??

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  1. the "if my bed moved" line made me giggle a little bit. But I LOVE the headboard. And it seems so easy. great job =)

  2. I'm just sayin! It could move for many reasons :P Plus its just resting against the wall. I haven't screwed it in yet

  3. How cute! And so thrifty! Hmmm...I want a staple gun now...

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party this week!

  5. Hmm. . . the footboard. If it's wooden, then I know exactly what I would do with it! I've seen people painting these bird and branches silhouettes on wood all over the place. I'd do that and then use it as wall decor :]

    The headboard looks great! I hate our headboard, but I've never thought to actually do something about it!

  6. Awesome. I totally love fabric head boards!
    Great job!


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