Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Hoppin and Making new friends!

"Pensive Me" has so generously hosted a Blog-hop. Its where you can advertise yourself and make new friends as well as find some new blogs to follow. 
Let me tell you a Little about myself. My name is Ali and I love to craft and I love to design. I'm a design student which means I have style, But NOOoo money! So my blog is about all of the things that I "find in the "Ali" and make beautiful for my home. 

I craft Shirts, Decor, and hair accessories. I make trips to the thrift store and beautify my finds from there. I'm in LOVE with the Dollar Tree. And I also have a GIVEAWAY!

I Love comments and opinions and friends. I respond to All my comments so please follow me and leave some love! 


  1. Nice to meet you! One of the pictures at teh bottom of your post is for a 4th of July t-shirt which looks super cute. I'm gonna check that out!

  2. I LOVE dumpster diving...and thrift shopping. Unfortunately here in Germany that's just not as much fun. People never seem to get rid of the stuff anyone would want - or I'm always looking in the wrong places :)

    Looking forward to exploring your blog more!

  3. Just Hoppin by, Nice to meet you. Im #255--the last blog standing on the BLOG HOP, come by and check out my blog


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