Monday, October 25, 2010

Peacock Halloween Costume

My friend Courtney wanted to be a peacock for Halloween and asked me to help her make it. I was more than happy. The problem with the costume was that peacock feathers are pretty expensive. We made a few laps around Michael's before coming to the conclusion that I was going to have to make individual peacock feathers.

Heres what I grabbed:
-Green feathers
-Blue feathers
-Green sparkly pipe cleaners
-1 green sheet of foam
-2 blue sparkly sheets of foam
- Blank Mask

First I cut a 1.5"-2" circle out of the green foam and a 1" circle out of the blue foam. Using hot glue I glued three green feathers and one blue feather to the green foam. I sandwiched a pipe cleaner in between and topped it with the blue foam circle. Later I added a orange/yellow colored rhinestone to the top of the circle. I repeated this lots of times.

Then I cut a big half circle out of the sheet of blue foam and layered all of the feathers around the foam. I did three rows. Finally I attached elastic to the back side of the foam to wear like you would fairy wings. And there is the the tail. I used my left over feathers and things to decorate the mask. Shes going to wear it with some sparkly shoes and a black dress. I can't wait for her to try everything on. I'm so excited :)


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