Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earring Holder out of Things you already have

I made this cute earring holder out of a place mat from the Dollar Tree, and an old picture frame. 

 I removed the backing and the glass out of the frame. I chose a place mat that is a wide mesh texture so that you can place the earrings through the holes.
 First I measured out the size of the openings of my frame and cut my place mat accordingly. (You can see I already up-cycled this frame by painting it :] ) Then I simply hot glued the place mat to the back of the frame.


  1. You are so creative, industrious and very cute!

  2. dude, ali...ive always wanted to make one of these! instead i settled with a boring cork board. lol. maybe when i get home and get my own place, u can help me make one for my earrings! :]


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