Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thrift store Dress re-vamp

I found this dress at the thrift store for $4. I liked the pattern, but lets be honest, I look 12 in this dress. So I figured I could spruce it up.

 So Here is the before:

First cut off the top part
 Then fold the bottom half down twice to hem the top of the skirt.
 Sew two lines to keep the top and the bottom flat.
 Now for this next part use your imagination because I forgot to take pictures. Take 2 long strips of fabric that are long enough to wrap around your waist and tie and about 3" wide. Then put them right side together and sew them and flip them inside out so you have a belt.
 Then stitch it around the top of the skirt leaving about 6" open in the front so that you can tie it.
 Then You're all done!! Super cute and super "spring-y"


  1. You did an amazing job, I LOVE the before and after! Very inspiring! :)

    Cute thrift blog, I'll be back to read more!

  2. I loove this! I'm so ready for spring!

    I have awarded you the Stylish Blog award over at mine:)

  3. Love it! I'm all about the thrift store revamp!


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